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Celebrating over 45 years of
Original Equipment Manufacturing!

Lake Country Woodworkers opened it's doors in March of 1976. In 1995 we became a Women Owned Enterprise that now incorporates two generations of the Wood & Carlson family.

We are proud to produce parts and equipment that is marketed by other manufacturers. This allows us to offer a unique level of customization and flexibility, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Located in the Heart of the Finger Lakes
Naples, New York
South End CDGA Lake.jpg

South End of Canandaigua Lake (Bristol, NY)

We are proud to be apart of Naples rich History. 
12 Clark Street : Former Maxfield Grape House 

From Naples Historic Districts Survey in 2019:

       "Though the Widmer name is most associated with winemaking in the Naples Valley today, it was Hiram Maxfield, Jr. who first entered the industry locally on a large scale, building his wine cellar at 12 Clark Street around 1880, predating Widmer’s founding by around a decade. Making this surviving structure more significant is that it appears to be the only nineteenth century wine cellar building in the survey area that survives in anything resembling its original state, much of the original Widmer complex having been destroyed by the 1943 fire or significantly altered. The façade of the original portion of the cellar remains intact with high-integrity and modest decorative elements, and though the early twentieth century additions to the building are now clad with vertical panel siding, and some industrial tubing has been added to facilitate the structure’s current use as a woodworking shop, the building retains a degree of fidelity to its historic form suggesting that the original brick structure still remains under the cladding."

Maxfield Grape House.jpg

1895 Maxfield Grape House


2019 Lake Country Woodworkers

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